Pop-up Exhibition “Less is More” in Japanese Everyday Design

Pop-up Exhibition “Less is More” in Japanese Everyday Design


yuki onizukaも参加させていただいております。

In Paris:
🗓January 7 (Sat)–8 (Sun), at 12:00–18:00⁡
📍 132 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France

In Antwerp:
🗓 January 14 (Sat)–15 (Sun), at 12:00–18:00⁡
📍Wolstraat 16, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

In London:
🗓January 21 (Sat)–22 (Sun), at 12:00–18:00⁡
📍56 Middlesex St, London E1 7EZ, UK

With its beautiful landscape, famously known as one of Three Scenic Views of Japan, Matsushima is also a land of spiritual significance, being a location of esoteric training in the medieval period. An important Zen temple and building for viewing the moon can be found in this historic town, which has enchanted people including Matsuo Basho and Albert Einstein with its beauty. Shokado is a Japanese sweets shop nurtured in the Japanese aesthetic and Zen atmosphere of Matsushima. Unique products the owner carefully selected will travel to Europe and be exhibited in Paris, Antwerp, and London. Enjoy designs that embody the concept of “less is more,” selected as part of the theme of “the final destination for minimalists around the world” and products that are carefully made, making the most of their material, representing the value of Fueki Ryuko—the coexistence of constant change and unchanging essence.

世界のミニマリストの最終目的地をテーマにセレクトされた「LESS IS MORE」を体現するデザイン、素材を生かしながら丁寧に作られた、不易流行の価値観をご堪能ください。